Bridal Petticoat – Why You Need One For Your Wedding Dress

Bridal Petticoat – Why You Need One For Your Wedding Dress

A bridal petticoat, also known as a crinoline or bridal slip, is a form of undergarment worn below the wedding dress. For your dress to appear it’s absolute best, regardless of your body form, you will, without doubt, want to have one – especially if you are wearing a full or A-line dress. A wedding dress crinoline┬áis made with layered material and ruffles intended to give your dress the appropriate profile. As your layers pouf out, as a result so will the bottom portion of your dress.

Best Bridal Petticoat

You should not take a petticoat that is more full than your gown especially if you have not allowed any extra length in the skirt for this. Additionally, a skirt that is too full, can take away the dramatic appearance you had hoped to achieve. If, however, the dress is made of very heavy fabric and would push down a petticoat, it could pay to attempt a fuller style to get the desired result.

An alternative to a petticoat is known as a hoop skirt or hoop slip. These build fullness below the skirt of your gown with lightweight metallic or plastic wire. They come with no layers of material.

A bridal petticoat, crinoline or hoop skirts are made to ensure the best look for your dress. They keep the dress in proper form to prevent creases and excess folds, lumps, and bumps, that can appear through your gown and cause it to appear saggy.


There are three vital elements to think about when selecting a bridal petticoat: the bridal gown material, the favored waist closure, and your bridal hem fullness. Also, think about the color. The bridal undergarment ought to correspond or be near the shade of the dress to reduce the probability of showing. Whether you choose a bridal petticoat or a hoop skirt depends on your dress and your own taste.